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Services and consultations at gynaecologist Mine Duran in Zaventem

On consultation with gynaecologist Mine Duran

Doctor Mine Duran has experience in dealing with a variety of conditions. Whether you want a checkup with a gynaecologist, need help choosing a contraceptive, are looking for treatment for menopause problems or fertility problems, or are looking for a gynaecologist for your pregnancy: during your consultation with gynaecologist Mine Duran, you are in good hands.

gynaecologist Mine Duran

Benign gynaecology

If a minor or benign gynaecological condition is diagnosed during a consultation, gynaecologist Mine Duran will help you immediately. Benign conditions can often be treated effectively with medication or minor surgery. These conditions are very diverse. They range from inflammation of the mucous membranes to internal conditions such as polyps in the uterus or cysts on the ovaries.

Menopause and the treatment of menopausal complaints

Gynaecologist Mine Duran treats your menopause symptoms so that the menopause transition period is as comfortable as possible. After a gynaecological examination, you will be prescribed medication that helps with hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other common complaints. You will receive personalised treatment for your menopause symptoms, often consisting of a variant of HST (hormonal substitution treatment) combined with physical exercise and other medication.

Mine Duran
Mine Duran

Fertility problems

If you are experiencing fertility or reproductive problems, you are in good hands with gynaecologist Mine Duran. Because there are different types of fertility problems, she will first determine wherein the cause lies. She will then recommend a tailor-made treatment for you and your partner to solve your fertility problems. In some cases, this can be done with a simple medicinal cure, but other causes of infertility require a more intensive treatment. She will always explain to you in detail what the next steps are to give you maximum support in your desire to have children.

Pregnancy and obstetrics

If you are pregnant, gynaecologist Mine Duran will accompany you throughout your pregnancy, from the positive pregnancy test to delivery. Among other things, she will compile your pregnancy file, perform ultrasound scans and provide prenatal care. During your birth, whether natural or Caesarean, she will be by your side to ensure that everything runs smoothly

Operations by gynaecologist Mine Duran

Gynaecologist Mine Duran specialises in laparoscopic-assisted surgery and hysteroscopy. In this procedure, a camera is inserted through the vagina to perform minor procedures, while the fluid in the uterus is constantly renewed. These procedures are specific to polyps and fibroids (myomas).

Consultations with gynaecologist Mine Duran:
practical information

Gynaecologist Mine Duran holds consultations at her practice in Zaventem and at the AZ Jan Portaels in Vilvoorde. Below you can read when gynaecologist Mine Duran is present for consultations. You can pay in cash or via the Payconiq application. There is no payment terminal. For urgent problems, please contact the hospital.

Mine Duran

Consultations at the practice in Zaventem

Tuesday: afternoons only

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Gesloten wanneer bevalling of chirurgische ingrepen

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Operaties vinden plaats:

Wednesday: afternoon

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Mine Duran
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